EVALUATION of the EBSN Annual Workshop – The Hague, 3-5 June, 2015

EVALUATION of the EBSN Annual Workshop – The Hague, 3-5 June, 2015

Dear Conference participant, you have been invited to complete this survey because you attended the conference ‘Strategies that work: governance, financing and implementation in the provision of basic skills for adults’ in The Hague, The Netherlands between the 3rd - 5th of June, 2015. We would be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes of your time to let us know what you thought about this event and the possible improvement of the following EBSN events. Your opinion is very important to us. Thank you for your help!

1. Which country do you come from?
2. Are you representing?
3. How did you hear about the conference?
4. General assessment of the conference
5. Scope and themes of the conference
6. Quality of the venue and organisation
7. What was your favourite aspect of the conference, if any?
8. Was there any aspect of the conference that you would have liked to change (suggestions for improvement)?
9. Comments and suggestions

Referring to the numerous feedbacks concerning the possible optimization of the length and structure of the EBSN Annual Event, please indicate which version do you find the most convenient for you from the possibilities below:

Your suggestion on the structure and length of the EBSN Annual Event

We would like to warmly thank you for having taken the time to complete this survey. It will help us improving in the future. We hope to see you next year in Ljubljana!