Current members Romanian Literacy Association (RLA)

Romanian Literacy Association (RLA)

Asociația Română de Literație (ARL)


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Liliana Romaniuc – president of the organization,

Daniela Cornestean – member,


Romanian Literacy Association is promoting, developing and sustaining educational programs and projects that lead to better educational services offered by learning organizations in Romania and abroad. It develops and implements educational programs to reduce functional illiteracy among students, develops and delivers training programs for teachers to improve teaching and to enhance understanding and learning in the classrooms. RLA offers training programs and workshops for teachers in the first 5 years of teaching to become professional teachers.

RLA develops and delivers training programs and workshops for school leaders.

Other activities developed by the organization are: surveys and studies regarding the impact of different programs, teachers’ training on students’ learning, educational books translation and organizing conferences and workshops about education, civil involvement and cultural diversity.

In order to achieve all these we develop partnerships at the regional, national and international level to improve the quality of:

Teaching and learning

School leadership

School role in the communities

National / international impact

Read to a child– program to promote reading in schools (in partnership with local authorities and publishing houses

Main activities:

Reading with children in disadvantage communities

Book donations for school libraries

Parents’ involvement in reading activities

Public Hearing about reducing functional illiteracy and a brief policy for decision makers, in partnership with Al. I. Cuza University in Iasi

90 people wrote depositions

A national commission wrote the Report of the Public Hearing that will be presented to the Romanian Ministry of Education

Survey on students’ literacy skills regarding the influence of teacher training program on students learning outcomes