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Henrik Skovhus,


VUC&hf Nordjylland is a regional non-vocational Adult Education Centre with about 10.000 adult students and 315 teachers situated in the northern part of Denmark.

VUC is the primary provider of non-vocational basic skills education and VUC are on national and regional level responsible for:

  • education for people with reading and writing disabilities (dyslexia)
  • preparatory education for adults (FVU), basic skills in language, math and ICT

There are 5 regions in Denmark, and VUC plays a central role in the Danish educational system and its objective is to ensure on regional and national level:

  • develop and coordinate the regional authorities policy for reading, writing, math and ICT,
  • help businesses making educational policy for their employees
  • help other educational institutions to improve their efforts for low educated people
  • give adults insight and counseling regarding possibilities for further education or for employment.

VUC is part of the national priority providing businesses and people with effective and flexible training opportunities with focus on the many young people and adults who have a need for both vocational and general education. VUC contributes to solving labour market restructuring and adaptation problems in accordance with the needs on the labour market in a short and a long term perspective.

VUC give adults the possibility of upgrading of competences for the labour market as well as personal competences through possibilities to obtain formal competence in adult education and training.

National/ International Impact

VUC is partner in the 13 national Adult Guidance Centre helping to develop cooperation between educational institutions and business users by:

  • Contribute to a more comprehensive and targeted outreach guidance and advice on the overall VEU deals
  • Systematically identifying the need for developing business skills and staff
  • Coordinate general and vocational education efforts through closer strategic cooperation with other providers of VEU – including adult education.
  • Create synergy by linking educational, vocational and employment policies closer together. It must be assisted through strategic alliances with business networks, job centers and Trade Unions.