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National Association for Adult Vocational Training

Association nationale pour le Formation Professionnelle des Adultes (AFPA)



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Christophe SADOK, Directeur de l’Ingénierie et de l’Innovation Pédagogique,
Heidi Granlund, Training designer:


AFPA, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labor, is commissioned to train and qualify all citizens, regardless of his/her schooling. In order to fulfil this objective, we have built an adult pedagogy based on the job description (managed directly within companies).Then, gradually, the basic skills are integrated according to the needs of each learner. Over the last 60 years we have developed and enhanced continually our training system and methods through an extensive network of preparatory courses suitable to professional plans and trades covered. Within a modular organization, this pre-training set-up has helped unskilled or illiterate job seekers and workers to acquire the prerequisites, entry point to qualifying training pathways.

For us, development of basic skills and access to the labor market are always closely linked.

We have an institutional and operating partnership with ANLCI with which we have conducted pilot projects (Macedonia, 2011-2013) including training of trainers for illiterate people. Furthermore, we manage together national programs for poorly educated people in order to provide vocational skill certification.

Main partner of the French public organizations on the field of the training design, the vocational training of the job-seekers, the AFPA proposes solutions meeting the needs of its customers thanks to a specific competence-oriented approach based on the professional situations and on the requirements all the economic players.

AFPA is also a privileged partner of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (agreement of hand of work in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) and of French large companies implanted abroad. As example: the AFPA led the project of setting-up of the training center of the factory of manufacturing of PEUGEOT CITROËN implanted to Kaluga in Russia.

AFPA proposes its expertise within TVET European Union projects, technical assistance and twinning (Egypt, Macedonia etc.).

National and international impact

AFPA is the first operator of vocational training in France; it counts more than 8300 employees and more than 185 training centres throughout the whole country. Its heart of business is to assure the qualification, the return to work, the occupational retraining of active persons. Its 3 fields of expertise are the training, vocational guidance and advice – support and the engineering of certification. In 2012, AFPA trained and accompanied more than 200 000 persons in their project of training.

AFPA operates for several departments such as expert in adult vocational training, in France and abroad: member of Public Service for Employment; participation in national bodies to develop training policies; implementation of “jobs for tomorrow” programs (18-25); Generation contracts (seniors); 100 000 trainings (occupation facing recruitment difficulties).

AFPA is a member of European Vocational Training Association (EVTA, ) and of GIP International, .

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