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Meltem Cantürk, Director/Subject Matter Expert, Literacy & Women’s Support Department,

Hilal Gençay, Senior Specialist, Literacy & Women’s Support Department,

Mutlu Yasa, Senior Specialist, Literacy & Women’s Support Department,


Founded in 1993, the Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV) is an NGO working in early childhood (ECE) and adult education. AÇEV’s mission is to provide equal opportunity in education to all by targeting socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. AÇEV developed the Functional Adult Literacy Program (FALP) in 1995, which is first literacy program developed by an NGO as an alternative to national programs in Turkey. AÇEV has also developed a post literacy program FALP II for adults to improve reading and writing skills in preparation for further learning. Since 1995, AÇEV has been able to train 3,900 adult literacy trainers in 15 provinces of Turkey through 146 trainer trainings and reached a number of adults over 125,000. An important distinguishing feature of AÇEV’s adult literacy programs is that they are implemented by volunteers who participate in a full time two weeks state recognized seminar given by AÇEV. In 2011, AÇEV developed the ‘Web Based Literacy Program’ (WBLP) which comprises the entire content of all its face-to-face adult literacy programs. WBLP has been developed mainly for the adults who cannot attend classes on a regular basis but it is also being used in hybrid literacy courses as a web-based resource. AÇEV has a wide experience in development and implementation of adult literacy programs, trainer trainings and monitoring/supervision systems. In addition to these, through its WBLP, AÇEV gained a new experience in transforming face-to face programs into online programs and the capacity to adapt its implementation’s models flexibly to new situations and demands.

National/ International Impact

The expertise in adult literacy, community based parent training and early childhood activities that the foundation has developed in Turkey has been recognized at both national and international level. The first adult literacy program of AÇEV, FALP, was created as an alternative to official MoNE programs in Turkey. One year after its development, FALP became state-recognized literacy program which is a distinction for an NGO. AÇEV was honored several times for its adult literacy works, received the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Award in 2006, the Empower Foundation’s Champions of Youth Award in 2013.


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