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Sylvie Pinchart, General Manager:

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Lire et Ecrire is a not-for-profit organisation set up in 1983 by several associations and supported by the two main Belgian workers’ movements (Christian and socialist). It is supported and funded by the Ministry of Culture and Popular Education (Wallonia-Brussels Federation), the Walloon Region, the Brussels Region and the European Union.

It is composed of:

  • 3 coordinating bodies, respectively for the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the Brussels Region and the Walloon Region.
  • 8 regional centres in Wallonia and 6 district centres in Brussels.
  • Around 300 salaried workers, 130 volunteers and more than 5,000 learners.

Our beneficiaries are low-skilled or low-qualified adults (both jobseekers and workers) who experience literacy & numeracy issues and who are longing for quality literacy provisions.

Our aim is not only to teach reading and writing skills, but to provide training that includes social, cultural, economic and political dimensions. We hope to help learners understand these various dimensions of their environment in order to enable them to fight against the mechanisms which produce their social exclusion.

In order to reach these objectives we carry out the following activities:

  • Political lobbying at the various political levels in Belgium (Federal, Community, Region, …)
  • Awareness-raising campaigns
  • Development of joint research & educational methods
  • Orientation services & pedagogical advice
  • We edit a periodical review called ‘Le Journal de l’Alpha’, the purpose of which is to inform, raise debate and provide pedagogical tools and exchanges.

National/international impact

We promote international relations in the field of literacy & numeracy, mainly within UNESCO and the European Union. In this context, we are members of several networks including EAEA, EBSN, ICAE and ELINET. We collaborate with organisations active abroad, particularly in the EU but also in regions such as Morocco and Québec.

One of our major international projects was the EUR-ALPHA network (funded by the EU through the Grundtvig Programme). Its main aim was to promote exchanges between literacy and numeracy practitioners, learners, researchers and policy-makers in order to improve the educational practices promoting learners’ empowerment, self-determination and participation. The project lasted from 2009 to 2012 and involved partners from 16 countries.

We are now willing to build on this network to set up further international cooperation. We have started doing so with a project on Action Research Training in adult literacy (a Grundtvig “European workshop”) involving partners from 5 countries and focused on learners’ empowerment methods.


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