Current members Adult Training Institute, Paris

Adult Training Institute, Paris

Cours Municipaux d´Adultes de la ville de Paris (CMA)

City of Paris training Institute 


Contact information

Bénédicte Vapillon, Head of Municipal Adult Training Office:

Sven de Geyer, Head of Educational Development Division:


The Cours Municipaux d’Adultes trains 30 000 Parisian citizens each year, in different fields, and most notably (about 8000 people) in French as a foreign language. Some of our French courses are specifically geared to and connected to literacy classes as well.
228 teachers are currently providing 430 courses, in four different branches whose distribution is based on the ability of the learners to speak French, and their writing skills.
This organisation helps us provide a state of the art pedagogy suited to the needs of the learners. In each section, our pedagogue teams are trying to develop modern and creative methodologies such as learning with theatre, learning by using computers.

National / international impact

As the main French courses provider, the CMA is spearheading the revamping of French teaching within the city of Paris, and is in charge of the guidance of the implementation of French teaching methods among the different actors financed by the city of Paris.


Approaches of CMA in the field of basic skills courses: French, English (summary)