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The Association Lifelong Learning Network in the Republic of Macedonia is a membership program founded by the Community Development Institute. ADAE is a national program. The program’s goals are to develop and promote adult education, contribute towards reducing the unemployment and to support structures, organizations and institutions for sustainable adult education. The activities of ADAE involve promotion of adult education through round tables, forums and festivals. Moreover, ADAE is in a process of creating a database of the providers of non-formal education in Macedonia.

ADAE has been part of the national event “Days of Lifelong Learning” in Macedonia by organizing series of events. ADAE organized round tables and street festival of Lifelong Learning in Teveto and in Krusevo. Moreover, ADAE is part of a working group in the Twinning Project: Development of Adult Education and the Center for Adult Education in Macedonia. ADAE is in process of establishing formal cooperation with the center for adult education of the Republic of Macedonia and other relevant state and public institutions.