Welcome to the 2nd edition of the EBSN Quarterly, October 1st 2013.

Mark these important days in your calendar!

The EBSN Annual Conference and General Assembly 2014 will take place in Budapest from 21. to 23. of May.

A preliminary Conference program will be announced on the EBSN website by December the10th.


The EBSN Academy

As announced in our first EBSN Quarterly (July 1st 2013), the first course of the EBSN Academy will take place in Oslo November 25th to 29th 2013. It will be a Grundtvig Literacy Workshop organized by Vox under the title “Evidence-based delivery of literacy training in the digital era”. You can find the program description on the EBSN site, under EBSN Academy, by clicking on its name.

The potential participants are researchers, teacher trainers and/or decision makers in charge of the Continuous Professional Development of teachers of basic skills for adults. The course has been announced on the Commission’s papers and the EBSN Secretariat has received a flood of applications, but unfortunately many of them did not fulfill the requirements stated in our pages. The organizers have received funding for 20 participants and at the moment there are still four vacancies. Although the deadline for applications was set for Sept 20th, the organizers are willing to extend this limit until Oct 8th for applications coming from the intended target group. If you are interested, AND you fulfill the requirements for the target group, AND you are willing and able to attend all five days of the workshop, please contact immediately the Vox organizers by writing to gs@vox.no

Briefer than Brief –

Call for expressions of interest

The EBSN Strategic Plan which was approved during our last annual conference (Madrid, May 2013) includes the “Briefer than Brief” initiative as one of the Actions that will help the EBSN implement our Strategic Outcome 2 - Contributing to the development of an European consensus at policy level regarding the field of basic skills.

As stated on our web site (see http://www.basicskills.eu/activities/briefer-than-brief/), the Briefer than Brief collection will aim at gathering and clustering reliable research results from all over Europe, to translate them into concrete policy recommendations for the field of basic skills training for adults.

Three BtB documents have been or are going to be initiated this autumn, and at least two should be ready for publication by the time we celebrate our 2014 conference in Budapest. To accomplish this goal, the EBSN Executive Committee will create three BtB Task Forces, one for each Brief.

Research institutions interested in participating in one or more of these Task Forces are hereby asked to state their interest by writing to the EBSN Secretariat. Please mark your messages with BtB on the subject line.

The names (and themes) of these three first BtB documents are

- Make it count: the way we think about numeracy

- The Missing Link: Family Learning for cohesive lifelong literacy policies

- First Things First: initial literacy for adult immigrants to Europe

EBSN member institutions are expected to constitute the core of these Task Forces, but in principle this call is extended to interested institutions which may (not yet) be members of the network.

Deadline for expressions of interest: Oct 26th.

EBSN in ELINET: Bid in answer to the Commission’s Call for Tenders for a European Literacy Network.

We’re proud to announce that the EBSN has a very strong profile in a bid presented before the Commission’s deadline (Aug 29th) by a consortium of 80 partners coordinated by the University of Köln.

As previously announced to the network during our annual conference in Madrid, the Commission’s  call aimed at creating a network for literacy in the whole scope of lifelong learning, from kindergarten to adult education. Adult learning seldom gets the attention it should have in that sort of contexts, but thanks to the efforts of some of our colleagues in the UK and NL , 20 of the 80 partners in the ELINET proposal are members of the EBSN.

If the proposal is accepted, the first meeting will take place in Vienna in February 2014.

We will inform the network as soon as the results are known.

News from Luxembourg: First national campaign for adult literacy, numeracy and digital skills

The Ministry of Education of Luxembourg announces:

“On September 19th, the Minister for education and VET, Maddy Delvaux Stehres, presented the campaign at the National Language Institute. The whole national network of course providers, as well as some learners, participated in the conference. The department for adult education is in charge of the campaign and its implementation.

The motto of the campaign is


To reach the learners different tools has been developed:

  • Postcards in three languages (French, German and Portuguese).
  • A free number to call for guidance and information about the course offer.
  • An internet site abcd.lu is under construction. It will provide information through text, pictures and audio messages.

To improve the coherence, the transparency and the quality of the course offer, a national framework for adult basic skills has been developed. It describes competence goals in five areas: writing, reading, speaking, listening and understanding and numeracy. The goals are inspired by the national guidelines for initial education, by the European language reference framework as well as by the Norwegian Framework for Basic Skills for Adults, developed by VOX.

Additionally, the national INTERNET-PERMIT, which targets basic digital skills, has been adapted. The new framework for INTERNET-PERMIT courses defines learning goals in 4 areas: be familiar with ICT, get information, communicate and create. 

Documentation is available in French and German and can be downloaded from: http://www.men.public.lu/fr/actualites/communiques-conference-presse/2013/09/19-conf-ecrire-lire-calculer/index.html.

For further information you can contact Luxembourg’s EBSN representative chantal.fandel@men.lu

The EBSN congratulates our colleagues in Luxembourg with this important development and thanks them for the very kind mention the introduction to the national document makes  about our network’s contribution to their work:  “The elaboration of this framework has been inspired by the contacts and the cooperation established by the department of adult education within the European Basic Skills Framework, EBSN, and within the work for the implementation of the Renewed Agenda for Adult Learning”. We sincerely hope we will be able to continue and enlarge this cooperation in the future.

News from Switzerland: National Literacy Colloquium in Bern

The EBSN will be represented both by SVEB and by Vox at the Swiss national  literacy conference which will take place in Bern on October 31st. See the programs on the EBSN website, under Upcoming Events.


Description of Teachers´ Competence

What is required of a professional teacher of initial and functional literacies to adults whose mother tongue is not a Nordic language?

The Nordic adult literacy network, Alfarådet, has drawn up a description of the competencies required for this complex task.

Read online.

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Grande Cause Nationale 2013

On March 1st this year, a group of 66 French stakeholders in our field, led by our French EBSN member, the ANLCI, obtained from the French Prime minister the Label Grande Cause Nationale.  The label “grande cause nationale” is given each year to a different cause...

Read online

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