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We hope you are enjoying a splendid summer holiday somewhere and take all the opportunities to relax and unwind. In the meantime, we have collected some basic skills related readings for you from EPALE for this “summer edition” of our newsletter.


EPALE’s July focus is on early school leavers and second chance education. The following blog posts discuss this topic from different countries and perspectives.

Functional Literacy and Early School Leaving

One of the consequences of early school leaving can be that young people leave school without functional literacy. In his blog post David Mallows examines what that means and why it is significant. The blog focuses on the young people who emerge from our schools to take their place in adult society and the likely consequences of early school leaving for them, and for adult education. Read the blog in full here.

In the week of September 4th EPALE / EBSN will be hosting an online discussion of adult literacy in celebration of International Literacy Day. We will focus on approaches to improving adults’ literacy and ways to attract adults to provision and motivate them to stay.

Fighting functional illiteracy with Second Chance Schools – an example from Serbia

This blog by Alexandar Bulajić introduces a Serbian project called Second Chance – Systemic Development of Functional Elementary Education of Adults launched in 2010 with the aim to increase employability, social cohesion and economic development and reduce poverty.

In this blog, you can also read shortly about the European Association of Cities for Second Chance Schools, the European network devoted to further development of second chance education.

E2C – engaged for disadvantaged youngsters who leave the mainstream education since 1999

If reading the previous blog you have become interested in the European Association of Cities for Second Chance Schools, the international network organisation in the field of teaching or enabling young people with lack of skills or qualifications to successfully gain access to education programmes or to the labour market, you can find out more about the main aims, the background and the future of the network in this blog.

A Pathway for Early School Leavers in Ireland

AONTAS interviewed two Youthreach Learners who recently attended the National Further Education and Training (FET) Learner Forum in April, 2017. The National FET Learner Forum provides an opportunity for learners to feedback on their specific FET programmes and on the wider national further education and training service in Ireland in order to influence national FET policy based on the learner voice.


EPODS Online Professional Development in Second Chance Education

The Erasmus+ project EPODS supports teachers/trainers in Second Chance Education (SCE) in their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). It assists these educators to set their own development goals, take online courses and monitor their progress. By these means the online professional development services of EPODS will enable educators to maintain the high level of support to their learners. You can find more on EPALE.


International conference Brick by brick 'Extending the Literacy houses approach'

6 September 2017, Breda, Netherlands

The central theme of the conference focuses on the building blocks that are required for establishing and structurally embedding a successful Literacy house. For more information about the conference go to EPALE or to the event’s website.

International Literacy Day

8 September 2017, Dublin, Ireland

A Celebration of International Literacy Day Using Technology in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tuition will be organized by NALA. For programme and registration click here.


The contribution of EBSN members continues to be a major source of information in the field of life skills / basic skills on EPALE. We continue to look forward to receiving resource materials, news items and event information (including national and local events) from you not only in English, but also in your national languages. 

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