Dear Reader,

We hope you have enjoyed a nice, relaxing summer holiday and are now eager to dive into the upcoming new EBSN/EPALE online events. These events are built around the themes of the EBSN SIGs (Special Interest Groups), but they are open not only for EBSN members, but for the all EPALE Community. Here is the schedule for this Autumn:


14-16 September: online event on Workplace Basic Skills

From Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 September the European Basic Skills Network (EBSN) will be hosting an online discussion about Workplace Basic Skills on EPALE moderated by Rosemarie Klein and Dieter Zisenis of the German research and consultancy organization Büro für berufliche Bildungsplanung (bbb).

The starting point for the discussion will be the success indicators for the implementation of work-related basic skills training for low qualified workers and the unemployed produced by the Straighten Basic Skills project http://straightenbasicskills.weebly.com/ .

We would like to hear from anyone who has been involved in workplace basic skills training or is interested in developing expertise in this area.

• What are your experiences of workplace basic skills training?

• Do the indicators match those experiences?

• Which of the indicators presents the biggest challenge for your organisation?

• And for your country?

Join us from 10.00 (CET) on Wednesday 14th September when Rosemarie and Dieter will be online to guide and stimulate the discussion. For more information go to the landing page of the discussion.

5-7 October: online event on Creation and Implementation of National Policy for Basic Skills Provision (details later this month)

8-10 November: online event on Family Learning (details later in October)

29 November - 1 December: online event on Numeracy and Financial Literacy (details in November)


We are looking forward to meeting you on the online discussions.

Best wishes


Zoltán Várkonyi, Zsolt Vincze, Katalin Damjanovich, Zoltán Szabó