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In this short newsletter we would like to call your attention to two important activities on EPALE at the moment. The first one is the EPALE Financial Literacy Week. On the link below you can access some existing blogs and resources in this topic on the EPALE site collected together. The other topic is the EPALE survey conducted by the European Commission to collect your feedback on EPALE.


EPALE Financial Literacy Week

This week Financial Literacy is in the focus of EPALE. Financial literacy is the set of skills necessary to correctly understand and interpret financial information in order to make good financial decisions. It is a vital skill which gives people the ability to make informed choices when it comes to their money. Good financial literacy means people are able to make better decisions when it comes to saving for their studies and pension or choosing the right mortgage plan for their home.

Financial literacy is not just for students – it is an essential skill that many adults lack and need to achieve individual financial wellbeing. Between 23–27 May EPALE’s national teams are joining forces to bring you interesting blog posts and useful materials on the topic. And you can take a look at some of the relevant content on financial literacy for more articles and helpful resources on EPALE.

EPALE Survey

The European Commission wants to hear you views on EPALE. For this reason a survey has been launched to collect feedback from the users of the platform. Your feedback is important and will assist in the continued development of EPALE. You can access the survey in the pop-up window when entering the EPALE website, or you can go straight to the survey here. Please, help develop EPALE by sharing your opinion!


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Zoltán Várkonyi, Zsolt Vincze, Katalin Damjanovich, Zoltán Szabó