'National Policy – Local Implementation' the next EBSN Annual Conference with renewed structure in Ljubljana

Following the suggestions of the participants in The Hague conference last year, the next EBSN Annual General Assembly and Conference, which will be organised in Ljubljana, Slovenia, will have a new structure. The event will start with the General Assembly on the afternoon of Wednesday 1st of June, and the Conference will be organised from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon (3rd of June).

Please reserve the dates in your calendar! More detailed information coming soon.


ELINET is gathering information on the preferences in terms of future activities and motivation

The EBSN has been grateful for the possibility of actively cooperating with literacy associations representing other age sectors, and is satisfied with the results achieved by the ELINET working groups in which EBSN members have been active. We will be pleased to ensure that any relevant resources currently present in the ELINET platform continue to be available to our target groups both through our web site and through our active involvement in EPALE.

ELINET, started in February 2014, is now in the final phase of implementation and has organised a draft survey run among the network's partners to gather information on their preferences in terms of future activities.

EBSN members are hereby asked to answer the questionnaire, and to consider their participation in the ELINET final conference, announced here.

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EBSN Special Interest Groups are about to start

The EBSN’s Executive Committee has decided to initiate a series of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which will run thematic discussions to create specific communities of practice in the EPALE platform. The very first SIG, which will be up and running before the end of the year, will be on Work Place Literacy. Other SIGs likely to be announced shortly will focus on Family Learning, Numeracy, Prison Education, and Digital Competence. More information about the SIGs’ structure and intended objectives will be coming soon.

EBSN members are hereby encouraged to send preliminary expressions of interest to the EBSN Secretariat, stating which SIG or SIGs they are interest in joining.

SIG membership is primarily restricted to EBSN members. Other potential participants are institutions eligible for EBSN membership (i.e. policy makers or policy providers) who may be invited to participate in a restricted period with a view to considering applying for membership in the network.


“Breaking Barriers” - Embracing Literacy through Digital Media

The “Breaking Barriers” project, coordinated by the Directorate for Lifelong  Learning of the Maltese Ministry for Education and Employment (member of the EBSN) and gathering several other members of our network, is organizing an important Peer Learning Activity starting on November 30th.

The peer learning event will include the participation of international guest speakers and trainers. The following topics will be covered:
1. Research on the use of digital media in adult literacy education;
2. Addressing the needs of educators and learners and their challenges;
3. Innovative digital tools for adult literacy.

Educators, researchers, digital media professionals and students are invited to register by sending an email on lifelonglearning@gov.mt by noon of Wednesday 25th of November 2015.


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