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After a short summer holiday we are back again with the EBSN-EPALE newsletter featuring selected news items, events and blog entries published under the thematic section of life skills of EPALE, the Electronic Platform of Adult Learning in Europe. Being part of the EPALE operation we are celebrating literacy week together with EPALE and proud to announce the on-line expert panel discussion to be delivered by EBSN. Please join the show and be active part of this initiative and the creation of a live e-community dedicated to improve literacy throughout the European countries. Further details and links are below.

There are also some other recommendations to international and national events linked to the International Literacy Week, including the ELINET closing event.

Among resources, you will find some selected items uploaded to EPALE in the summer period.

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Please join in here the live discussion on ways of improving literacy skills among adults in Europe!

EPALE joined up with EBSN is celebrating International Literacy Day with a range of activities and exclusive articles. On Tuesday, September 8th an interesting expert panel about ways of improving literacy skills among adults in Europe will be organized with participation of key experts from EBSN.

The one-hour event will start at 13:00 (CET).

The panellists are:

• John Stewart is the National Adult Literacy Coordinator, with NALA – the National Adult Literacy Agency in Ireland.

• Maria Toia is Director of the Romanian Institute for Adult Education and Executive Committee Member of the European Basic Skills Network.

• Dr. Christine Clement is managing consultant and researcher at CINOP in the Netherlands and member of the management board of ELINET, European Literacy Policy Network.

• Hilal Gencay is Senior Specialist and project coordinator for web-based literacy program at Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV), Turkey.

• Jean-Pierre Jeantheau is National Project Manager at Agence nationale de lutte contre l'illettrisme, ANLCI, France.

• Graciela Sbertoli is chair of the Executive Committee of the European Basic Skills Network, EBSN, and Assistant Director for International Affairs at Vox, Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning.

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Literacy Week Closing Event – in Brussel on September 17th 2015

Dear all

We would like to invite you to the ELINET Literacy Closing event on the 17th of September in Brussels.

Our dream is that every European citizen can read and write well enough to fully and independently participate in society. The aim of Literacy Week is to organize events throughout Europe to raise awareness for this dream and to start acting on it.

The Closing Event will look back on the events of Literacy Week, but will also look ahead at how to realize this dream. Furthermore the program includes the award ceremony for the 2015 Literacy Week Innovation Award.

Underneath you will find all information, inclusive the link for online registration. We hope to meet you there!

Also on behalf of the WRF ELINET team

Drs Christine Clement


Some other EBSN members hold national events within the framework of the Literacy Week.

We draw your kind attention to the event of the Bureau for Planning of Vocational Training (bbb – Büro für Berufliche Bildungsplanung) from Germany:

Arbeitsorientierte Grundbildung

Einschätzung aus Sicht verschiedener Akteure, Interaktive Tischdialoge, Ausblick


Duolingo for learning Norwegian

The Norwegian-English Duolingo version has been launched for tablets, mobile phones and PC. The application can be used as a fun and motivating supplement to language training for users who knows English.

The Norwegian Government extends the scope for worklife training

The Norwegian Government extended the government funding program Basic Competence in Working Life. More people need to receive Norwegian language training at work.

The change was implemented when the 2016 application process was issued September 1st 2015.


Quality requirements in online training courses

Torhild Slåtto, the Director of the Norwegian Association for providers of Flexible Education Norway, wrote about the quality of web-based training courses, which depends on several components the teacher, the learning resources and not least the learner’s own efforts.


Summary presentation of courses of learning basic skills in France

The following document presents the teaching approaches in French dedicated to learners with a low level of education.

The Adult Training Institute, Paris (Cours Municipaux d´Adultes de la ville de Paris (CMA)) train about 8,000 people in basic skills and/or French language.

228 teachers are currently providing 430 courses in these fields.

English summary here.

Monitoring good practices in the areas of employment, social affairs and inclusion

The Commission finances projects in the fields of employment and social protection and inclusion, enabling administrations and other partners to develop new services, assess new policies and exchange good practices.

This report collected 19 examples of good practice across Europe, 16 in the area of employment and the rest in the field of social protection and inclusion.

EBSN Annual Conference 2014 - The Hungarian NYITOK Network for Social Inclusion

The presentation is about The Hungarian Network of Open Learning Centres (NYITOK Network). In NYITOK program there were 50 Open Learning Centers established all over Hungary in autumn 2013. The program offered basic skills learning for low skilled, unemployed people and employees endangered by losing their job. They could learn different life skills, languages, using computer and other modern devices like tablet or smartphones and such other themes which can facilitate to live easier everyday life such as greening household and health promotion, everyday finance and business knowledge. The open learning centers provides attractive learning environment for disadvantaged groups of the local communities as well as integrate them into different community initiatives. The learning opportunities were available for adults for free.

English under the Arches: Innovative Workplace Training by McDonald's USA

’English under the Arches’ (EUA), an evidence-based ESL blended learning program inaugurated in 2007 for McDonald’s restaurant employees in the United States that has engaged thousands of employees.

McDonald's USA has created innovative pathways to learning for employees who need to up-skill.

This webinar outlines ‘English Under the Arches’, the first componentof its over-arching learning strategy.

The webinar has been developed by The Centre for Literacy, Canada in collaboration with the European Basic Skills Network.